Piccadilly Community Centre accepts volunteer application forms throughout the year. All applicants are interviewed, screened (criminal record checks processed), trained, and supervised throughout their volunteer service. The goal of this program is to provide volunteers with the opportunity to gain valuable experience, skills and contacts in their own community.

The Volunteer Coordinator determines the interests, skills and time commitment of a volunteer and then places the individual in the appropriate programming or service area. Volunteers are given the opportunity to assist with decision-making on committees and projects. Volunteers assume responsibility and take leadership roles in programs and services. Volunteers are provided with staff support and guidance. Volunteers work in the following areas:
Seniors Youth
- Childcare
Pottery and Arts& Crafts
- Sports programs
- Special events
Board of Directors Committees

To apply for Volunteer positions, please contact Laurence Taylor, Volunteer Coordinator or 0207 255 9855.

How do I apply and get involved as a Volunteer at Piccadilly?

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please complete the following steps:
-Check to see which opportunities best match your current interests, skills or reasons for volunteering.
-Make sure you meet our requirements for the volunteer position you are applying for.
-Make sure your available time matches the availability needs of your position(s).

If you would like to apply, print out the VOLUNTEER APPLICATION FORM and complete it. (If you are unable to print out the form, call 0207 255 9855 or forms are available at the centre's front desk).
When the Volunteer Coordinator has received your completed application, she will contact you to set up an interview. Please submit your completed application form(s) to:
Laurence Taylor, Volunteer Coordinator
Piccadilly Community Centre
196A Piccadilly
London W1J 9DY

Volunteer Recognition

Volunteer Highlight This highlights a volunteer who shows commitment, enthusiasm, and a positive attitude towards their role at Piccadilly Community Centre. Annual General Meeting At the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Piccadilly Community Services in May each year, volunteers with 100+ hours at Piccadilly Community Centre are recognized by receiving an invitation to the AGM, as well as the reception that follows.

Each year we create a THANK YOU! poster that lists the names of volunteers with over 100 hours of more, as well as the primary funders and community contributors to the Society is proudly displayed in the foyer.

The number of volunteers who participate over the course of a year through all the services and programs offered is significant! Volunteers hold positions on our Board of Directors, advisory committees, youth centre, seniors’ centre, early childhood programs, summer day camps, sports and art and the many special events held throughout the year.

Volunteer hours are systematically colleted to ensure that the financial in-kind contribution from the community is reflected in all correspondence to partners, donors and contributors - locally, provincially and federally.

Also, each year a volunteer plaque is mounted in the foyer to acknowledge the many volunteers to the Society.